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What Are The Reasons For Slow Internet In Android Mobiles 2021

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Reasons And Solutions For Slow Internet In Android Telephone 

  • Companions, by first discovering the justification behind slow internet speed of Android phone, we can fix our slow andriod phone once more, so companions today I will tell about the principle reasons because of which your phone’s internet speed turns out to be slow. 
  •  Companions, as a matter of first importance you need to check that the APN setting of the SIM you are utilizing of your phone  is right or not, if  you are utilizing broadband, You also need to see who is using the broadband connection other than you , in such a case that another person is utilizing your broadband association then yourinterne speed will be slow. 
  •  The subsequent explanation is that you have downloaded numerous Android  applications in your phone or you have chosen the choice of a apps update option  on the play store. The old apps already in your phone keep updating automatically, due to which your internet speed decreases. You have to go to the phone’s settings and turn off the auto update option from the Play Store. 

  1. Friends, many times it happens that we have selected the network mode on automatic in our network settings, due to which our network automatically switches from 4G to 3G or 2G for this when the signal of our network is low and our internet speed is low or We have to keep our phone on 4G only mode to avoid this problem. 
  2. Very often it happens that the apn setting of the company whose sim we are using gets spoiled or deleted due to some reason, due to which our internet speed becomes very low, if the apn setting is deleted then we are not able to use internet In such a situation, In such case we have to contact the SIM operator for APN setting.
  3. Companions, commonly it happens that because of the increment in their clients in the space of ​​the internet network company organization we are utilizing, the web of that internet service turns out to be slow, Due to which you have to face the problem of slow internet service. For this, you should contact your organization’s supplier. 
  4. Ordinarily it happens that we have not used antivirus in our phone and we leave the Play Store and download the application from an obscure source, because of which the infection apps come in our android phone because of which they continually utilize your internet speed in the background, because of which your internet turns out to be slow, that is the reason you not to download the application from anyplace with the exception of Play Store.
  5. When we use any VPN software, then the server of the VPN is in different countries, all of a sudden their server gettings slow due to more users on their server, due to which your internet speed also decreases. In this case, you should also disconnect VPN service or use VPN software from a good company. 
  6. Companions, I trust that you will be happy with the data given by me and much thanks for perusing my article.

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