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What are the basic things required to learn mobile repairing?

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If you have basic knowledge of mobile repairing then you can repair every single mobile. That’s why you people should have basic knowledge, first of all, today we will tell you what is basic knowledge like – first of all you should know to run multimeter, below you are able to see in the photo there is a section with dc on the left and on the right side, there is the section with ac and the section with the ampere at the bottom. Many readings are given in the multimeter, every reading has some work in mobile free, before doing mobile repairing, you have to learn to operate the multimeter well.

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What we need to know before starting mobile repairing work

  • On the second number, you should have the knowledge of the ICU of the mobile, there are different types of ICU in the motherboard of the mobile, first of all, you have to know where the power ic, network ic, network ic are located and what is their work and how to check faulty ic. You must have this basic knowledge, after that you can do s.m.d. With the help of this, you can replace any damaged ic.
  • On the third number, we need to know about the capacitor, what I mean by capacitor information is that you should know the capacitors how to find them with the help of a multimeter, it is very important for us to have knowledge of it.
  • For example, we will tell you how to identify series and parallel capacitors in the motherboard, for this first you have to set the multimeter in the buzzer range. Connect the pins of the black and red wires of the multimeter together, you will hear the sound of a beep. Now you have to take the motherboard of an old phone, you can see the capacitor of the motherboard in the photo below when you keep the multimeter red and the black wire on both sides of the capacitor together, you will hear the sound of a beep which means that capacitor is parallel, even if you separate the parallel capacitor from the motherboard, your mobile will continue to run.

  • Now we will tell you that to identify the SMD capacitor, which we also call series capacitor, you have to put the black wire of the multimeter on one end of the capacitor and keep the red fire in the ground. you will get a beep sound that means  There is an SMD capacitor, if you separate these capacitors from the motherboard of the mobile, then your mobile will not turn on and it will turn off.
  • at last, you must have basic tools like soldering iron, soldering wire, liquid flux paste, jumper wire, SMD machine, and many more tools come in the market to do mobile repairing if we are learning the work of mobile repairing in the beginning then we will definitely need these things when you learned basic of mobile repairing then You can buy advance mobile repairing tools. 

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