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Main Reason Behind Low Internal Storage Of Any Android Phone | How To Fix Low Internal Storage Memory Of Android Phone

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Welcome friends, today I am going to tell you easy way to increase phone internal storage. Friends, after following my many easy steps, you can come to normalize the storage of your phone to a great extent.

Reson Behind Low Internal Storage Of Any Andriod Phone

  1.    Friends, app installed in your phone stores data in your phone memory along with the cache files. Like the media files of WhatsApp that you receive and send are stored in your phone’s storage, as well as the data of cache files of such social apps is also very high. 
  2. The second reason is that the big games installed on your phone are constantly updated, their size also keeps increasing with the updates. Therefore, the same apps and games should be kept on the phone which you use most or which you like. 
  3. The third reason is that the pixel setting of your video recording is in high resolution, due to which when you record a video or shoot a photo, their output size is very large and your phone’s storge getting full with the time.

             How To Fix Low Storage Problem In Android Phone

  1.   First of all, friends, you have to clear the cache file of all your android apps. To clear it, you have to switch off your mobile. After that, you have to press the volume down button along with the power button, and when you see the logo of the mobile brand, release the button, then you have to go to the recovery menu and clear the cache file manually. Doing so will clear your phone’s memory.
  2. Delete those apps which you do not want apps or games. This will clear a lot of memory on your phone.
  3.  Friends, many times we download some files from the Internet, but after using those files, we forget to delete those files due to which they take up a lot of storage memory, so you always delete unwanted files in your download folder. .
  4.  Friends, nowadays, there are many such apps in playstore, from which you can delete your data or duplicate file on one click, for this you have to go to playstore and type storage cleaner which will show you many apps whose rating is good, those apps Download it.
  5. The media files of whatsapp that you receive and send are stored in your phone’s storage, as well as the data of cache files of such social apps is also very high. That’s why you delete their photos and videos what you do not want.
  6. Friends, I hope that you will be satisfied with the information given by me and thank you very much for reading my article.
  7.  If your phone’s internal storage is low, then you can also use a memory card to store your data, but you cannot store the data of apps in the memory card, you store photos or videos in it.
  8.  By reducing the pixel quality of your camera, you will have the advantage that the size of photos and videos will also be reduced and it will not be able to fill the storage on your phone quickly.
  9.  If your phone’s internal storage is less then you should not download the new update of android phone because when new update comes then the size of your phone’s rom also increases which makes your internal storage work.
  10.  You can go to playstore and download the clean master app, this app will also delete a lot of unnecessary data on your phone.
  11. From friends, you will be happy with the correct information from me, thank you very much for reading my article. how to free internal storage.

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