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How To Replace Any Smart Phone Usb Charging Port At Home

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 Hi invite companions, I will let you know how you can change the charging jack of any android phone or any keypad phone, just you need to follow my basic steps. To introduce the charging jack of any portable, not surprisingly, you will require essential instruments to fix your phone.


How To Change Charging Port Of Any Phone 

Companions, first you need to remove every one of the nuts of the phone with the assistance of a screwdriver, after that you need to warm faulty charging jack underneath of the assistance of SMD machine. 

SMD machine 

  • For this, you need to keep the power of the SMD machine low just as keep the hotness low so that there will be no harm to the next part alongside the jack, smd hotness level should be 400 to 500 and air should be 4 to 5  presently you should warm the jack from beneath, it might require 2 to 3 minutes of hotness or air after that charging jack will get disengaged from the board.
  • after that, you need to clean the charging board. Then, at that point, you need to get the new charging jack. new charging jack pins should be soldered with the assistance of a soldering wire.

  • the board should be clean so the charging jack will stick on the board of the phone on warming without any problem. Presently you need to apply solid flux on the pins of the board, apply somewhat, the benefit of solid flux is that the charging jack will adhere immovably to the phone’s board. Presently you need to put the charging jack in the right situation from the leading group of the telephone, then, at that point, you need to warm it from beneath with the assistance of SMD machine, again it will require 2 to 5 minutes, your jack will stick immovably. 


  1. never overheat the SMD machine .
  2.  Before introducing the jack, apply solder flux paste to the board points of the telephone. 
  3.  Try not to keep the  SMD machine excessively high 
  4.  always warm the charging jack from underneath.
  5.  Change the temperature of the SMD machine according to the necessity, albeit the scope of typical air is from 4 to 5 and the scope of the radiator is from 350 to 400. 
  6.  Each cell phone has an alternate charging jack. There are 4 pins in the charging jack of a telephone and many have three, so consistently purchase a charging jack subsequent to actually looking at the pins. 
  7.  Try not to abuse the motion glue, take just as much as is required. 
  8.  Prior to introducing the charging jack, clean the leading body of the phone’s board.

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