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How To Repair Phone Battery | Fix Your Slow Charging Battery In 5 Minutes

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 Welcome companions, today I will let you know how you can fix the issue of slow charging in your android telephone. Companions, you probably saw that on multiple occasions it happens that while charging the phone, it is taking much time than before. so today I will educate you regarding this how you can fix this your phone battery and its slow charging.

  1. Companions, the principal justification for the sluggish charging of android telephone is that you are not utilizing the company’s suggested charger, because of which the voltage in your phone isn’t working out positively. always use recommended voltage charger with your phone Or then again if your portable charger is not working properly or its charging limit is decreased, so check once by purchasing another charger. 
  2.  The subsequent explanation is that there is a cut in your charger data cable, because of which that charger can’t supply the current appropriately, because of which you are dealing with the issue of slow charging so in this case, you must change your data cable. 
  3. Because of the old battery of your phone, its charging limit diminishes. your phone’s battery electrodes are weak and your phone can’t charge your battery properly in this case u must change your battery.
  4. Commonly it happens that we permit many services to run on our phones. Like area, information, WIFI, or we leave numerous applications to run behind the phone, then, at that point, these applications continue to utilize the telephone’s processor constantly. Because of which this happens that it continues to utilize your battery persistently, because of which it gets drained even without you utilizing it, and then it decreased your phone charging time.

Step By Step Instructions To Fix Android Versatile Battery Slow Charge 

  •  It happens sometimes that your Pcb flex charging jack is faulty  Because of this when we interface the charger’s data cable to the phone then data cable isn’t connected properly to the phone, because of which there is slow charging because of loss of connection of charging jack So if this occurs, who would it be advisable for us to clean the charging jack of the phone with the assistance of a fine pin or replace the charging jack .
  •  Companions, even subsequent to doing this, assuming you feel that your telephone is charging not exactly previously, there might be an issue in the equipment of your telephone, which you can fix by showing a decent repairman. 
  •  In Android portable, this battery charging issue is without a doubt. That is the reason numerous Android gadget proprietors frequently whine that even in the wake of placing my telephone in charging, the telephone’s battery isn’t charged as expected. Or on the other hand, it is charging gradually. In any case, the lethargic charge of the Android portable battery can likewise be because of the establishment of a wrong application in the phone. 
  • Companions, I trust that you will be happy with the data given by me, much thanks for perusing my post.

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