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How To Remove China Keypad Mobile Always On Headphone Symbol

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Welcome back friends, today we are going to tell you how you can remove the headphone symbol from any of your China phones and get your headphone jack back to work.



Simple Steps To Remove China Mobile Always On Headphone Symbol

  1.  First of all, you have to take out the back cover of the keypad mobile and then take out all nuts with the help of a screwdriver.
  2.  After that take out the mobile motherboard.
  3.  To fix the headphone jack problem of the china mobile, you will need a resistor whose value should be from 140k to 150k.
  4. To take a resistor, we can take a resistor from 140k to 150k from the board of any old phone.
  5. Now we have to take out the 140k to 150k resistor from the old board. You can check that resistor value with the help of a multimeter whether its value is coming from 140k to 150k or not, if the value is coming right then it can be installed in china keypad mobile.
  6. Always you have to take the value of the resistor from 140k to 150k, if you take more than this value then that resistor will not work.
  7. Now you have to put that resistor on the backside of the headphone jack as you can see in the image below.
  8. After installing the resistor, you have to solder one side of the resistor with jumper wire to the positive point of the battery connector.
    battery terminal postive side
  9. By simply saying this, the headphone symbol appearing in your China Mobile will go away and all your headphones will start working again. 



  • After putting the resistor on the backside of the headphone jack, put the jumper wire on the post of the battery terminal, if you put jumper wire on the negative terminal then it will not work.
  •  To jumper, you have to take a fine soldering iron and take fine solder.
  • If the above message does not go to the headphone jack in the China phone, then you must try to replace that headphone jack once. 
  • Always use soldering FLUX before soldering jumper wire.
  • Do not keep the length of the jumper wire too long, due to which the jumper wire may break later and your connection may be damaged.
  • Before installing the jumper wire, remove the top layer of the jumper wire with the help of its soldering iron so that the jumper wire can fit properly.
  • Always check the value of the resistor with a multimeter.
  • Use a good quality soldering iron so that the jumper wire fits snugly.
  • If you face any kind of problem then you can definitely ask us by commenting below, we will answer your every question thank you


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