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How To Make Battery Booster At Home

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 Hi invite companions, today I will let you know how you can make a battery booster at home. You simply need to follow my basic advances. For that, you will require a few devices. 

Like – An Old Portable Charger, Blade To Cut Wire. 

The Most Effective Method To Make A Battery Booster

Companions, as a matter of first importance you take an old charger at home. Assuming you take a decent quality charger then u need to remove the charging pin head close to it as you can find in the picture given beneath. 

  1. In the wake of detaching the charging pin, you will see two sorts of wires dark and red wire. 
  2. Companions, the red wire is consistently positive, and the black wire is consistently negative. 
  3. Presently you need to peel both wires from the front. 
  4. now place your multimeter wire to charger red and black wire vice versa.
  5.  on the off chance that the worth of the meter gives reading up to five then it can turn into a battery booster. 
  6. Presently put this charger in the charging attachment. Then, at that point, put both the black and red wires of the charger over the positive and negative terminals of the battery for around 20 seconds. 
  7. By doing this, you will get a boost in your battery which was dead, the current will begin coming back again in the battery when the current comes, the battery will begin charging again by placing it in the ordinary phone. Companions, you can fix your terrible battery again with this technique. 

Instructions to utilize Battery Booster = 

  • Now you have to put the red and black wire of the battery booster on the positive and negative terminal of the battery. 
  • You have to keep this for at least 10 to 20 seconds, then separate the battery booster wire from the battery and after some time put the damaged battery in the phone and charge it with your normal charger, your battery will be fine.

Precaution- – – – 

  • Continuously put the positive wire on the positive of the battery, the negative wire on the negative of the battery. 
  •  At least hold the wire over the battery the hard way and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds. 
  •  By placing the charger in the attachment, make sure that its value is coming up to five. On the off chance that the rating is under five, don’t use it for a similar battery booster. 
  • The battery booster charger must be of good quality. 
  • There should be no cut in the data cable of the Battery Booster.

Companions, I trust that you will like the data given by me, thank you kindly for perusing my article.

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