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How To Fix Water Damaged Phone At Home

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Hi invite companions, today I will let you know how you can fix your phone that has fallen in the water. You simply need to follow my basic advances. To fix any portable, not surprisingly, you will require essential tools need to fix your device. 

For example, – phone opening instrument, screwdriver portable opening apparatus for certain abilities, petroleum 


How To Fix Water Damaged Phone Using Petrol

  1. Companions, when your phone falls in the water, then, at that point, you need to open the back front of your device. with the assistance of a phone opener tool.
  2.  then, at that point, remove all visible connectors and take out the motherboard from the phone. 
  3. Companions, pull out motherboard cautiously.
  4. then, at that point, you need to take a brush, after that you take some petrol and afterward with the assistance of brush, apply petroleum on the motherboard and clean it with a brush. 
  5. Friends, keep in mind that petrol should not hit the camera, if petrol gets on the camera, then that camera will be damaged. If possible, separate the camera from the motherboard. 
  6. After that slowly apply petrol to every part of the motherboard.
  7. After that clean the charging PCB board under the phone also with petrol.
  8.   After that keep the petrol dry for 2-3 minutes.
  9.   Now again put the motherboard in the phone and once you turn on the phone, In 50% of cases the phone dropped in water gets fixed by this method. 
  10.  , if your mobile is still not fine, then show it to a good technician. 

Precaution –

  • Never put petroleum on the camera, this will destroy your portable camera for eternity. 
  •  Never heat the mobile with a hairdryer subsequent to falling into the water. 
  •  Never put the versatile in charging subsequent to falling in water. Because of this, there are chances of shorting of the phone. 
  •   not to clean the phone with fluid. 
  •  Try not to utilize an excess of petroleum, utilize a delicate brush to apply the petroleum. 
  •  Try not to transform on the telephone again subsequent to falling into the water, turn on the telephone solely after you have totally dried it with the assistance of petroleum. 
  •  Assuming your phone doesn’t fix by using the above method, you should take it to a decent specialist. 
  •  Take out every one of the pieces of the phone cautiously. Commonly there are locks in the phone so e Use a mobile opening tool to remove mobile parts.
  • Companions, I trust that you will be happy with the data given by me, much thanks for perusing my article. 

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