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How To Fix Itel Mobile Battery Draining Issue | Instructions to Fix Mobile Cell Phone Battery Problem

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Welcome companions, today I will let you know how you can take care of the battery depleting issue in your phone. Companions, you more likely seen that your fully charged phone battery after 2 or 3 hour its battery begins depleting rapidly Or probably the battery gets low without utilizing the telephone. So companions, today we will solve that issue for all android phones.

Why Mobile Phone Battery Drains Quickly 

 Friends, the primary justification behind the fast draining of the battery is that there are numerous such applications in your phone which continue to run in the background without your knowledge. Due to which those applications continue to utilize the processor of the mobile Because of which the battery gets drain quickly Or on the other hand, you have downloaded some harmful applications that apps keep running in the background of your phone. Due to which your battery continous used by that apps in the result your battery draining fast.

Instructions to  Fix Mobile Cell Phone Battery Problem  

  • first check for that app that keeps running in the background, for this you need to go to the settings and go to the battery option, u have to find which app taking more battery and then uninstall it. Assuming that you would prefer not to erase that application, you can easily force stop that application 
  • With this, if you have any harmful applications that have been downloaded from any third-party websites, if your antivirus found this is a threat then u should remove that app for safety. always download apps from the play store. after removing those harmful apps they will not able to run in the background hence, battery draining will also stop.
  • Eliminate pointless gadgets that are on your home screen. because gadget depletes the battery. 
  •  Wherever the network signal is low, put your phone on flight mode. in low network mode, your phone consumes more battery.
  • GPS, location, Bluetooth of your phone consume more battery so when you are not using that service keep it close.
  • Turn on the dim mode in your phone, which will lessen the force utilization of the battery. 
  •  Do not allow your telephone’s battery to go to zero it affects the battery consuming capacity.
  • Continuously utilize the stock charger as doing as such will keep your battery wellbeing great. 
  • Friends, there is an application named battery saver in play store or your telephone, you can fix the issue of battery depleting generally by utilizing it. 
  •  Companions, even subsequent to doing this, the battery of your telephone isn’t acceptable, then, at that point, you should transform it by taking another battery, make sure to consistently utilize the battery given by the organization. 
  • From companions, you will be content with the right data from me, many thanks for perusing my article.

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