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How To Fix A Broken Phone Screen At Home

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Hi companions, today I will let you know how you can change the broken screen of any android phone, for that I will let you know each progression exhaustively. Be that as it may, for this you will likewise need to deal with certain things on the grounds that even the smallest misstep will harm the screen of your android phone. 


For this you will initially require these instruments, the names of these apparatuses are given beneath. 


The Most Effective Method To Fix A Broken Telephone Screen At Home 

  •  Gum
  •  Gum cleaner 
  • screw opener with the ability
  •  portable opening cost 

  • Gum = Using gum, we were glued on the phone’s presentation. 
  •  Gum Cleaner = With the assistance of Gum Cleaner, we have cleaned the past gum. 
  •  With screw opener – = we will open the screw of the telephone. 




Follow This Step To Repair Your Broken Phone’s Screen


  1.  Above all else, with the assistance of a phone opener, you need to open the back panel of the phone. 
  2. After that you need to disengage the cables of the connectors,  battery, charging pcb plate,  remove all visible connectors in phone. 
  3. Then, at that point, you need to remove the battery slowly with help of a glue remover if u don’t have glue remover use petrol.
  4. Then, gradually remove the battery. 
  5. Then, unscrew the screws of the motherboard with the assistance of a screwdriver. 
  6. Companions, presently you can eliminate the broken phone’s screen with the assistance of hot gun or display separator machine, then, at that point, companions, with the assistance of gum cleaner, you need to clean old gum from the frame.
  7. Subsequent to cleaning, you need to take the gum, then gradually apply gum on the frame’s corners remember that you need to leave the gum on the speaker side of the phone. Then, at that point, gradually place a new display on phone’s frame , be cautious companions, don’t press it hard. Then, at that point, tie the elastic band all around the showcase then, at that point, save it to dry for 5 to 6 hours. After that, you can use yor phone. 


Precautions = 


1. Never press the display hard while placing on the phone.

2. While applying the display, apply light tension around the phone frame and let that strain stay for 3 to 4 minutes so it sticks to it 

3. check display before placing on the phone.

4. after palcing display on the phone  don’t utilize the telephone for no less than 5 to 6 hours so it sits appropriately. 

5. Never use gum on the speaker and camera side since when you stick the showcase, that gum can go on the camera, because of which your camera can likewise be harmed.


what amount is it to fix an android screen 

  • Companions, the cost of the display of all mobiles is unique, generally, it tends to be from 1000 to 2000 rs. 
  • Companions, I trust that you will like the data given by me, companions, much thanks for perusing my article.

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