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How to find out a lost phone without internet.

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  •  First, we have to download an application from the play store open Play Store then search for the phone tracker anti-theft unity step that then you have to download the phone tracker developed by hangover studios.
  • it is available for free so download and install it on your device now open here

  • we have to enter a pin for example I’m going to enter 1 2 3 4 then confirm
  • that clean . This is a very important part you have to enter that pin and this is this pin you have to keep private for 22
  • cell with anybody save and proceed here by default they we gonna show you your
  • Gmail ID is your first ID and then alternate email ID you have to tap another email ID then trusted number here you have to type your trusted number and be careful when you type this number
  • because whenever you send SMS with that pin the location will be sent it to this the number which you are entering as a trusted phone number and save and proceed
  • now we are activated on this application you can tap on how to use and read all the instructions carefully through this phone you can locate your phone you can even remotely stair set siren on then you can stop that siren you can lock your pin lock your screen with a pin code then you can wipe all the data that mean
  • you can erase all the data from your phone so this is the beautiful application I am going to show you by sending SMS on this device from my other phone what in
  • what if we lost this phone then I will have to send an SMS from my mother’s phone

we are now we are going to taste this application for that I am going to turn my data off that means we are going to consider that this phone is lost now let’s move to another phone so welcome to this phone now we are going to send SMS from this device to my lost phone the phone video has already stolen phone tech application we are going to track that phone and remember that phone is not connected to the internet so let’s start and now we are going to SMS from this device to our lost phone just type the request then – then location and our code that was 1 2 3 4 now just send it to our lost phone now the lost phone will automatically send SMS to our trusted number it is it sends us the exact location link now just we have to tap on that link and it will show us the exact location on Google map here is this is the location of our lost phone and our phone is lost phone is not even connected to the internet so this is so easy guys.

                      you can do a lot more stuff from this application, not just you can track the location of your lost phone but you can also bring your lost phone you can lock your lost phone you can erase all the data from your lost phone so this is a wonderful application.


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