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How To Find Lost Mobile Phone Without Any Tool 2022

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Hi invite companions Friends, today we will discuss how we can recover our lost phone, companions, for this you should Have to follow my basic steps, so let’s start. 

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You Must Have That Things:

  • Your gadget should be associated with Google account .
  • Your gadget should have web access .
  •  In your telephone, the Android Device Manager must be permitted to find your telephone. This is changed by going to Google’s settings. 
  •  Permit Android Device Manager to lock your gadget and kill information. 

Track Your Phone Using Android Device Manager

  • Companions, android device manager is a particularly inbuilt service of google with the assistance of which we can discover our taken or lost phone Since it is as of now there in our telephone so we can find our phone. In any case, the condition is that your phone should be connected to a Google account. 
  • Companions, above all else you need to alternative phone, then go to play store, you need to download the application named Google Find My Phone, companions, subsequent to downloading you need to open the application, then you need to login with a Google account that you already used in your lost device.  After login in android device manager  than it will consequently begin discovering your phone and than u are able to track your device. if yours’s lost phone  has web access It will interface with your telephone and tell the area of that telephone in the guide, from which you can discover your telephone. 

Google Find My Phone Application Features 

  1. Companions, you will see three choices in this, the main choice will be of play sound, the subsequent choice will be of secure gadget, the third choice will be of eradicate gadget. With the primary choice, you can send sound to your lost telephone, with the subsequent choice, you can get your telephone, on the off chance that your telephone isn’t locked, you can distantly lock it.
  2. With the third option , you can erase every information on your phone but  you can’t erase the information on your memory card. 
  3. Companions, there is also additional feature , so you can distantly lock your phone, also as you can send the name and number to any individual who has tracked down your lost telephone. Companions, I trust that you will be happy with the data given by me and much thanks for perusing my article, have a pleasant day.

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