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How To Check Battery Voltage With Multimeter

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 Friends, today I will tell you how you can check the battery of any of your phones with a multimeter, checking the battery with a multimeter makes sure that the battery is bad or not, for this you will only need a multimeter.

you need basic equipment for example –  portable opening device, multimeter 

Step By Step Instructions To Check The Battery Voltage With A Multimeter

  • Companions, most importantly you need to remove the back cover of the mobile and take out the mobile battery. In the photograph beneath you can see there are two terminals on the highest point of the battery, positive and negative. 
  • You should take a multimeter to check whether the battery is good or not. There are two wires in the multimeter red and black wire. the black wire is consistently negative, the red wire is consistently positive. 
  • Companions, you need to set the multimeter to 20, then, at that point, you need to put the red wire of the multimeter in the positive terminal of the battery, after that the black wire of the multimeter put on the negative terminal of the battery. 
  • After that you need to really take a look at the reading in the multimeter, if the multimeter reading is going over three, the battery is fine, if the multimeter shows reading zero then the battery is faulty. 

Multimeter Showing Zero Reading

If your battery is showing zero reading then it means your battery may be bad but you can fix your battery with the help of a battery booster if you don’t know how to make a battery booster then we will tell you about it in our next post.

Precautions :

  1.   the red wire should always be placed on the positive terminal and the black wire on the negative terminal
  2. Continuously set the reading of the multimeter to 20.
  3.  Wipe off any carbon stores on the terminals of the battery. 
  4.  In the first place, disengage the non-removable battery from the phone and then check it with a multimeter.
  5.  Keep both wires of the multimeter on the battery until you get an accurate reading.
  6. After inserting the multimeter, your battery is giving zero reading, then it means that your battery is bad and u have to replace the battery. If you don’t want to buy a new battery then one time you can shock the battery by using a battery booster if still, the battery is not good then you have to replace the battery.
  8. Companions, I trust that you will be happy with the data given by me, many thanks for perusing my article.

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