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How to check and repair a no display laptop

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Hello friends, welcome to the blog of Computer and Technology, so friends, as computer technology is getting updated day by day, in the same way, the problem related to it is also increasing.

If you give an example, there was a time when we could live without a computer, but if we talk about today, then today we have to live without a computer, then we cannot even think that far.

Because of the way computer technology has improved our lives, perhaps some technology can do it, in such a situation what will have to be done if your computer is turned off.


If your computer stops working or nothing is visible on the display then what can you do. There are many reasons for no display in the computer such as RAM, SMPS power cable, and motherboard.

In such a situation, if you call a hardware engineer, he simply cleans the ram with rubber and connects the ram to the motherboard, and your computer starts.

Actually, most of the time no display in the computer comes only because of ram if there is any problem in ram in your computer then 101% no display will come in the computer.

In such a situation, first of all, the ram has to be removed from the motherboard and its golden plate has to be cleaned with rubber.

Because dust accumulates in the lying computer and because of that a layer of carbon is formed on the golden plate of RAM, because of this, it is connected to the MOTHERBOARD even after being connected on the RAM MOTHERBOARD,  that is why our computer SUDDENLY DISPLAY ceases to be visible.

If the problem of no display comes in your computer from NEXT TIME, then you can solve this problem by simply cleaning the ram.

Memory slot

Many times it also happens that even if you have installed RAM after cleaning it, still the display does not come, then your RAM has gone bad. So you give the second ram, if the computer does not display even after applying the second ram, then it is possible that your memory slot is bad or defective.

With the help of a pin in use, clean the memory slot properly, and apply RAM, your work will be done, and the display will come.

Pulls with modulator

If you have knowledge of electronic components then you will know about pulls with modulators. If you do not know then there is nothing to worry about. pulls with a modulator is such a power sequence that generates as much voltage as the ram needs. As you would know there are different types of ram like




These three types of RAM require different voltages to start like

DDR 1=2.5 v

DDR 2=1.8v

DDR 3=1.5v

If this voltage is available to your ram, then the ram will not start, your computer will have no display problem. In such a situation, with the help of a multimeter, you can check how much voltage is coming.

Check this if your computer has DDR 2 ram then the multimeter should show 1.8 voltage. If your computer has ddr3 ram then the multimeter should show 1.5 voltage.

If some of these voltages are less, then you have a problem with the motherboard ram section.


Capacitors do a great job of sending the required voltage to the ram in the ram section, if a capacitor fails, then this circuit is not completed.

 RAM is not connected to the motherboard, so we have to observe the capacitors next to the RAM and RAM slots.

Because the capacitors start leaking due to old age and drop the voltage, either the capacitors open or they get burnt.

In such a situation, we have to change that capacitor according to its voltage and farad capacitor, after which the proper voltage will flow in the ram section and the display will start in the computer.

Processor problem 

If you have installed new RAM in the computer and even after all the voltages are working properly, the display is not coming in your computer, then remove the fan on the MOTHERBOARD and start the computer processor as soon as the computer starts. Touch it with your hands and see if the processor is getting very hot, then it is possible that the processor of your computer has gone bad. All you have to do is change the processor, after which your problem will be solved.


Or the BIOS program must have been corrupted or if there is any problem in the ICH chip, then we have to check all this step by step.

This will solve 80% of your problem.


If you are reinstalling the RAM from the computer, then put it carefully because if you start the computer by putting the RAM in the wrong way, then your ram and motherboard can burn.

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