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How To Change Keypad Phone Display At Home

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Hi invite companions, today I will let you know how you can change the display of any keypad phone You simply need to follow my basic advances. To fix any keypad mobile, not surprisingly, you will require fundamental tools. 


The Most Effective Method To Change Keypad Phone Display


  1. Companions, first you need to remove the back cover of the keypad mobile then, you need to remove every one of the nuts of the keypad mobile with the assistance of a screwdriver. 
  2. Companions, remember that the main board of the keypad mobile is secured in the body of the phone, so remove it carefully. 
  3. after that, you need to remove the keypad phone’s body from its lock. after u can easily see pins behind the display.
  4.  the picture is given underneath also all keypad mobiles have different pins display, u must buy the right display for your device after that you need to take a fastening iron, heat it, and remove the old display.
  5. Before installing the keypad phone’s display, check it once whether they are working properly or not.
  6. After that, you have to put a little solder on all the pins of the display with the help of soldering iron. Along with this, you have to solder the pins of the display as well, note that the pins of the display should not be soldered together, all should be different.
  7. Then you have to match the pins of the display with the pins of the phone board, then slowly solder with the help of a soldering iron.
  8. By just saying this, your keypad will be displayed on the phone.

Precaution :

  •  No pins should be connected together
  •  Utilize SOLDER FLUX PASTE prior to soldering 
  •  Try not to press the display hard
  •  Prior to introducing the showcase, clean it completely. 
  • There are many keypad phones available in the market, the display of every keypad phone is different and their pins are also different, you must buy display from the market according to the pins of the display, for example, a display has 14 pins and some Has 22 pins.
  • After placing the display put every screw in the phone’s body.
  • You have to take a very small amount of solder so that it does not spread much on the pins. 
  • Before installing the display, apply soldering flux in pins so that the display is properly fitted.



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