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How To Change Android Phone Display At Home

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 Hi invite companions, today I will let you know how you can change the display of any android telephone, just you need to follow my basic steps. To change the display of the phone, you will need the following tools.

Like – – – – Portable Opening Apparatus, Screwdriver, Super Paste, Phone Opening Instrument For Certain Abilities 

Step By Step Instructions To Change Andriod Phone Display

  1. Companions, above all else you need to take out the telephone’s sim-tray from the phone.
  2.  After that eliminate the back panel of the phone with the portable opener. 
  3. Then, separate the wires of the battery and charging connectors. 
  4. Then, at that point, eliminate every one of the screws with the assistance of a screwdriver.
  5.  After that eliminate the charging plate of the motherboard. Then, at that point, pour the gum remover under the battery and remove the battery gradually. 
  6. Companions, you need to eliminate the battery so that there is no harm to the battery, don’t utilize any sharp item to eliminate the battery since it can harm the battery.
  7.  Friends, you have to clean the gum already on the display frame properly, When you will not remove the gum of the frame display properly, then your new display will not fit well there. you have to remove all gum in the corners of the display frame.
  8. After cleaning the old gum properly, you will have to apply gum well on the four corners of the display frame, keep in mind that do not apply gum in excess, if you apply gum in excess, it can spoil the display as well. 
  9. Put the gum on the camera and speaker area too low so that the gum does not spoil the camera and speaker, immediately after applying the gum, put the display on it and gently press lightly around the display with hands. 
  10. After that connect the display connector to the charging PCB and assemble the phone as you disassembled it.
  11. Then you have to take some elastic bands and tie them around the phone so that the display fits well on the phone and you have to keep the phone dry for at least eight to 10 hours.

Alert – – – – 

  1.  Try not to pour gum on the camera and speaker area because that gum can go into the camera while applying the display, which can harm your camera. 
  2.  Try not to press the new display from the center, consistently press from the side so the display isn’t harmed. 
  3.  After installing the display, leave your phone to dry for at least 8 to 9 hours. 4. Use as little gum as possible while attaching the display as too much gum can damage your display.
  4.  Before installing the display, make sure to check the display once whether the touch of the display is working properly or not. 
  5.  After installing the display in the phone, make sure to use elastic bands so that the display fits well in the frame of the phone.
  6. Clean the gum previously introduced in the edge appropriately since, in such a case that you don’t perfect it then the new display won’t sit as expected in it. Companions, I trust that you will be happy with the data given by me and much thanks for perusing my article. Have a pleasant day.

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