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Roles & Responsibilities


'Civil Defence' includes any measures, not amounting to actual combat, for affording protection to any person, property, place or thing in India or any part of the territory thereof against any hostile attack, whether from air, land, sea or other places, or for depriving any such attack of the whole for part of its effect, whether such measures are taken before, during at or after the time of such attack.




  • To save life.
  • To minimize damage to property, and
  • To maintain continuity of production.




Civil Defence is the defence of the people, by the people and for the people. It is not the defence by the military as some may understand. Civil Defence is the measure adopted by the civilian population, Government, Local Self-bodies, Voluntary agencies, NGO's etc. during the war to minimize the effect of enemy action on men and its armed force to win the war in battle fields. In fact the scope has touched such a magnitude that Civil Defence is regarded as the Fourth Arm besides, Army, Navy and Air Force.