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The directorate of Home Guards & Civil Defence has been in the center of various Centre of various Central Govt. modernization scheme to modernize Home Guards & Civil Defence volunteers.


1. Weaponry   : Sophisticated weapons like SLR, AK-47 Carbine, Machine Gun & other Light weapons will be purchased soon.
2. Computers   : Computers introduced in office for smooth functioning of work and to keep records properly.
3. Vehicles   : New vehicles are introduced for multiple tasks.
4. Construction   : Modern buildings are coming up for staff and other ranks.
5. Civil Defence   : Training of the Personnel of Civil Defence by deputing them to CD College Nagpur.
6. Collapsible Structure Search & Rescue   : Voluntarily courses on DRM & Search and Rescue courses.
7. CSSR Equipments   : CSSR equipments are purchased for rescue at the time of emergency like floods, earthquakes etc.
8. Inflatable Lighting tower   : Inflatable lighting tower are procured for use at the time of emergency for rescue Disasters.
9. OBM Boats   : Purchase OBM boats to rescue the marooned people at the time of flood and to distribute food items etc to the flood victims.